Godswill Okwara

Software Developer and Aspiring Technopreneur.
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Few things about me.
The things I do everyday can be summarized thus!

I am Godswill Okwara, a Computer Science graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I had a four year stint Studying Mechanical Engineering at the same school(Shouldn't be called a stint though).

I have been writing codes actively for four years and learnt almost everything I know from reading materials and watching videos over the internet.

I aspire to become a Technology Entrepreneur, using technology to solve the problems that have beleaguered us in Africa.

I work with Flutterwave - a Payment Infrastructure company that offers one API to Pay and Get Paid across all channels in Africa, and I have worked with PayWithCapture Limited - makers of the first digital bank in Africa, Hotels.ng - the first (arguably, the best) hotel booking website in Nigeria and FoneBase Labs - makers of Callbase and Fonenode.

I am an Ex-Google Student Ambassador - I won the "Star Google Student Ambassador" award in 2015.

  • LAMP Stack

    I am very familiar with this stack and use it a lot.

  • NodeJS (Sails.js)

    I have a level of experience working with this technology using the sails.js framework.

  • Mobile Dev (Hybrid)

    I develop hybrid mobile Apps using the Ionic Framework and AngujarJS.

  • Support Engineering

    I have a high level of experience resolving Technical Issues for Clients.


What I learn, I write!

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